Why Are Essential Oils Effective?

You may have used essential oils for many years, or you may just now be discovering their particular benefits. One thing you will quickly discover is that essential oils are highly effective additions to our modern, busy lives. They sooth, as in massage or aromatherapy. They heal, both body and spirit. They provide nutritional benefits. They even sooth our pets. What makes them so useful and effective?

Essential oils speak to more than one sense. Not only do they have wonderful, unique fragrances, they also possess a crisp, clean quality that speaks to our sense of touch. There are so many oils and blends that their variety opens endless doors, and therefore we see multiple uses for them in our lives.

Essential oils are pure. As part of the distillation process, the impurities are removed, leaving only the essence of the oil. When we use them, we know that there are no toxins present to diminish the benefits. For this reason, essential oils partner well with nutrition and healthy living products, stress management programs, and a host of other beneficial products.
Essential oils are highly concentrated. One or two drops are often all that is needed to create the desired result. In addition, oils are often masterfully blended to produce exciting new scents and benefits. This versatility adds range and depth to the essential oils usefulness.

Essential oils frequently have medicinal benefits. They can act as anti-inflammatory agents, bringing relief to arthritis sufferers. They have been used in the treatment of headaches, nausea, and sore muscles. They have long been known to affect mood, whether to excite or to calm.

Essential oils are so effective because of their quality, their variety of uses, and their adaptability, and have been in use for thousands of years.